Mandala Kitchens Culinary Training


We are taking now taking Applications for our next Training — Spring 2024

The Mandala Kitchens Culinary Training offers free or low-cost 12 week Culinary Training programs to anyone wishing to develop food service skills in order to get a job in a commercial setting/kitchen.

While the program is open to everyone, there is a priority on providing the Training for those who have difficulties finding and/or keeping jobs:

  • formerly homeless (MUST be in some form of stable housing prior to Training)
  • formerly incarcerated individuals
  • undocumented individuals
  • youth
  • substance use issues (MUST be sober & in some type of recovery program for at least 30 days prior to Training)
  • mental health issues (MUST be in compliance with a Doctor’s Medical/Medication guidelines for at least 30 days prior to Training)
  • unemployed/underemployed
  • Adults 21+

Scholarships may be available to help defray or cover the cost of training.

Program Description

The Mandala Kitchens Program will explore the practical and theoretical aspects of culinary arts, with an emphasis on the practical so that individuals will be in a better position to seek employment.

This includes ingredients, techniques, production procedures, equipment, portioning/scaling and weights & measures.

Some of the administrative aspects of food service will also be addressed: invoices/inventory, basic math and food costs.

In a mix of classroom, study & practice, kitchen work, and field trips, the program will be an opportunity for individuals to learn the basics of the food service field.

Program Curriculum

 Sanitation & Hygiene
Kitchen Tools, Materials & Equipment
Knife Skills & Cuts
Mise en Place
Cooking Methods
Baking Basics
Team Work & Team Building

The Training includes a Meditation/Mindfulness/Life Skills component:

T’ai Chi
Herbal Tea & Nutrition

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be eligible for the exam for the New York City Department of Health Food Protection Certificate plus will receive job placement services.

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